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Building Envelope and Fall Protection Assessment

Over the course of two (2) phases, Technical Assurance assessed the roofs, exterior façade and select parking garages on 13 medical and hospital centers across North Carolina and in Virginia.

The project included the inventory and assessment of millions square feet of assets in order to determine their condition index on a scale from 0-100, the remaining service life and total cost of ownership. All collected data was input in ON-PNT for the ongoing management of facility data. Following the assessment, the data was analyzed to determine what life extension efforts would be beneficial for extending the service life and lowering the total cost of ownership, and capital and repair projects were triaged to objectively determine the order in which those projects should be performed.

Technical Assurance is now working with Novant on designing repair and replacement projects, providing bid services and quality observation throughout the construction.

Project Details

Assets Assessed and Managed

  • Roofs: ~ 2.5 million SF
  • Walls: ~2.6 million SF
  • Parking Garages: ~1.8 million SF
  • Fall Protection: 180 Components over 738 Roof Areas


Services Provided

  • Roof Assessment
  • Exterior Wall Assessment
  • Parking Garage Assessment
  • Fall Protection Assessment
  • Design and Bid Services
  • Quality Observation

Medical Centers Included

  • Brunswick Medical Center
  • Clemmons Medical Center
  • Forsyth Medical Center
  • Kernersville Medical Center
  • Medical Park Hospital Center
  • Prince William Medical Center
  • Charlotte Orthopedic Hospital
  • Haymarket Medical Center
  • Huntersville Medical Center
  • Matthews Medical Center
  • Presbyterian Medical Center
  • Rowan Medical Center
  • Thomasville Medical Center

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