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Design-Build Approach to Building Enclosure Projects: A Blend of Strategy, Problem Solving and Shared Vision

Are you overburdened with capital projects across your portfolio and tight on internal resources to manage them? The Technical Assurance team, with extensive building envelope subject matter expertise, can assist you.

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Our Design-Build approach to building envelope and exterior asset projects (roofing, façade, paving, parking, etc.) is a blend of strategy, problem solving and shared vision in order to meet your objectives and deliver results on capital projects. Our turnkey solution results in operational efficiencies realized through:

minimize costs

streamlined schedules

internal savings

How It Works

Technical Assurance serves as your (the building owner’s) independent representative, working in a purposeful collaboration and providing full transparency throughout a project. Our team becomes the single source of responsibility for all phases of a building envelope project, including:


1. Initial Assessment


2. Estimation of probable costs


3. Design and engineering


4. Pre-construction


5. Construction


6. Post-construction

What It Includes

A Design-Build approach includes the management of contracts with trade contractors, equipment and material providers. All services are performed under an umbrella of full transparency where all costs are communicated between Technical Assurance and the client, including costs of labor, material, bids, etc.

  • Inventory & Assessment
  • Capital Project Planning
  • Opinion of Probable Construction Cost
  • Design & Engineering Services
  • Trade Contractor Management
  • Material Management
  • Construction Management & Administration
  • Project Management
  • Quality Observation
  • Close Out Process

Valued Results

Your Independent Representative

We serve as the Owner’s independent representative on capital building envelope projects. Our turnkey solution results in operational efficiencies, streamlined projects and minimized costs for our clients.

Single Source of Responsibility

We serve as the single source of contractual responsibility for the Owner in all phases of small- to mid-sized building envelope projects, from the initial assessment all the way through to post-construction.

Expert Construction Management

Our Design-Build program includes the management of all contracts with subcontractors, equipment and material providers.
Expert management results in operational efficiencies and internal cost savings for the Owner.

Expedited Material Ordering

Considering current supply chain challenges, our streamlined Design-Build approach allows us to expedite the material ordering process in order to secure material before the bid phase is complete.

Pivot Your Focus to Reduce Your Spend

We work with clients to help them view their buildings as a business investment. When our Fortune 500 manufacturing client first came to us, their run-to-failure model of managing their portfolio was going to cost them $220 million over the next 10 years. After working with them to financially analyze their building assets, we developed a management program utilizing a design build approach that will save them nearly $20 million over the next 10 years. To see the financial breakdown of how our Sustainable Life Cycle Management Program added tangible savings to their bottom line, download a copy of our Budget Solution.
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Our Specializations

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Sustainable Life Cycle Management

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structural engineering

Structural Engineering

design consultation

Design Consultation

capital planning

Capital Planning & Budgeting

construction management

Construction Management


Quality Assurance

preventative maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

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