Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District

Window Replacement & Masonry Facade Restoration Project

Technical Assurance was selected by the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District as the prime consultant for this major window replacement program, most of which had complex masonry details surrounding the windows.

The scope of the work included inspection and detailed study of multiple school buildings followed by development of a comprehensive building façade and window replacement restoration program.

Technical Assurance conducted the Discovery Phase of our 5-step program to assess the current conditions. During this phase, we uncovered numerous hidden masonry defects which had to be addressed prior to window replacements. In the meantime, our design staff took great care to match the original school windows by carefully reviewing historical photographs and developing window replacement systems.  We then prepared construction documents and provided Project Management and Quality Observation Services during construction restoring the aforementioned schools to their former grandeur.

In all, a combined total of 525 windows at the University Heights High School and Monticello Middle School were replaced during the Phase I Project, in addition to substantial masonry repairs to the buildings. A year late, another round of 465 windows was replaced at the Roxboro Middle and Elementary and Noble and Oxford Elementary Schools. At the end of the project, the total cost was 13.5% under budget, with only 1.3% in additional change orders when compared to the original contracts. The project budget exceeded $5 million.

Assets Assessed and Replaced

  • 990 windows
  • 4 Schools

Services Provided

  • Facade and Fenestration Assessment
  • Repair and Replacement Design
  • Bid Services
  • Construction Administration and Project Management
  • Quality Observation
  • Replacement Restoration Program

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