Teays Valley School District

Roof and Façade Assessment with Maintenance Plan

Technical Assurance performed a façade assessment and maintenance plan for 8 schools within the Teays Valley School District.

The condition of each school facility differed, but some commonalities included failed sealant joints, insufficient water sealer material on masonry walls, deterioration/open mortar joints, cracking/spalling of CMU, moisture and water infiltration within the façade systems and no evidence of effective cavity wall drainage systems. Our team created a 10-year maintenance plan and budget for the school district to help prioritize repair and maintenance projects. The budget for restoration totaled nearly 1.6 million.

Following the assessment, Technical Assurance completed the design, bid and construction phase services for the façade restoration on the East and West Middle Schools, along with the concession stands and restrooms at the football fields for each respective school. The restoration and remediation efforts were performed on the window/glass doors, sealant joints, masonry, CMU and mortar joints.

Our team performed an assessment on the roof systems of each of the schools, again providing a 10-year plan for repair and maintenance project prioritizations. Roof systems included asphalt shingles, EPDM, PVC and metal panel. The roofs were identified to be in a variety of conditions, depending on the system age, number of defects and history of maintenance. Common findings included nail pops, improperly deigned and/or installed rooftop ventilation, water infiltration at hip vents, split shingles, missing counterflashing and bucked and detached expansion joint flanges.

Technical Assurance has a strong relationship with the school district and will continue to work with them on future building envelope projects as they arise within the 10-year plan.

Assets Assessed and Managed

  • 8 Schools
  • 13 Buildings
  • Approximately 675,000 square feet in roofs

Services Provided

  • Façade Assessment
  • Roof Assessment
  • Preventative Maintenance Plan
  • Asset Management 10-Year Plan

Schools Included

  •  The High School
  • The Freshman Building
  • East Middle School
  • West Middle School
  • Ashville Elementary School
  • Walnut Elementary School
  • Scioto Elementary School
  • South Bloomfield Elementary School

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