Westin Hotel

Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx)

Technical Assurance was engaged by Marous Brothers Construction to provide Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) services during the $74 million restoration of the Westin Hotel in Downtown Cleveland. The hotel is a 500,000 square foot, 22 floor high rise. Restoration work included the replacement of the majority of the exterior façade components, but also included some of the existing façade materials as a cost savings to the Owner. The incorporation of the existing materials required additional limited enclosure testing to ensure the performance of the building.

BECx services included the review of all exterior envelope components for functionality, performance, durability, constructability and quality. Work included the review of the TPO roof system, exterior wall systems (metal architectural panels, window curtain walls and storefront window systems), limited enclosure testing and other key construction details. Services included the review of shop drawings, technical submittals, and on-site observations to ensure complete, water-tight closure and proper treatment of internal drainage systems.

Due to the complexity of the building, performance testing included static pressure water leakage testing of the tower windows in accordance with ASTM E1105, and hose spray testing in accordance with AAMA 501.2. It was also necessary to perform a dew-point analysis and subsequent hygrothermal analysis of certain wall sections due to the findings of the dew point analysis.

Project Details:

Project Specifics:

• 500,000 square feet

• 22 floor high rise

• Downtown Cleveland, Ohio

Services Provided:

• Building Enclosure Commissioning

• Constructability Review

• Construction Inspection

• Materials Testing

Project Focus:

• Building Envelope Performance

• Constructibility

• Aesthetics

• Air Leakage

• Sustainability

• Rain Penetration & Moisture Control

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