Building Envelope Asset Management Services

Complex Building Envelope Asset Management Made Simple

Facility Managers are constantly tasked with making decisions about the building that result in the best long-term use of resources. The complexity of assembling all facility information, including field-data collection, data management, project estimating and budgeting, and considering the effects of constrained budgets/deferred maintenance on the Total Cost of Ownership proves to be challenging.

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We believe in a simplified, programmatic approach to building envelope asset management. Our team of professionals will help you implement a sustainability program to:

  • Extend the life of building systems
  • Reduce emergency spending and reactive repairs
  • Extend the time between capital renewals/replacements
  • Lower your total cost ownership

Sustainable Life Cycle Management

Our asset management programs are sustainable investment plans that proactively manage the life cycle of building envelope assets. This approach positively impacts the financial health of organizations by reducing the overall spend on facility assets through extending life cycles, and reducing deferred maintenance and capital backlogs. These restorative programs can extend the average life of your building envelope assets by 15-20%.

Our Five Steps to Sustainability Process

We approach all projects through our unique 5 Steps to Sustainability Process. This programmatic approach to building envelope management ensures that your investment is optimized to extend the service life of valuable and costly assets and to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership.


Building Envelope Assessment & Inspection


Budget & Capital Planning


Design Solutions & Bid Management


Construction Phase Services


Program Sustainability

ON-PNT® Enterprise Building System Management Technology Solution

Technical Assurance’s ON-PNT® Enterprise Building System Management Platform allows you to streamline the asset management process and manage all phases within one central location. This cutting edge technology provides robust GIS mapping and automated scientific reports.

ON-PNT® provides repeatable and objective data analysis using established facilities asset management (FAM) standards defined by IFMA, APPA and ASTM. Using these standards to work within the structure of our database allows us to ensure consistent findings and reporting with our asset management solution.

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As building enclosure consultants, we’re passionate about helping building owners and facility managers solve critical problems within their facilities. Documenting the issues you are experiencing is the best first step ahead of evaluating and testing existing building enclosures to get to the root cause. This online assessment will help us better understand your concerns and provide the necessary context for a free consultation.

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Download Our Free White Paper: Commercial Roof Asset Life Cycle Management

In this white paper, we’ll be discussing commercial roof life cycle management and how you can properly manage your roof assets with the help of Technical Assurance. We’ll cover the following:

  • What is Life Cycle Management?
  • Investing in Buildings vs. Spending on Buildings
  • The Solution: A Sustainable Life Cycle Management Program
  • The Importance of Regular Assessments and Ongoing Repairs
  • Triaging Repair and Replacement Projects
  • Proactive Assessments and Maintenance

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