Building Enclosure Asset Management Made Simple.

The ON-PNT® Enterprise Building System Management solution is a GIS (geographic information system) enabled database and web portal technology solution for building system asset management, design services and bid management, construction management and sustainable maintenance management. ON-PNT® allows facility owners the ability to manage building system inventory, condition assessments and ongoing building system data within one central location. This cutting edge technology provides robust GIS mapping and automated reporting metrics for simple data consumption.

Performance, Metrics and Goals

Data Collection: The GIS-enabled HTML 5 mobile map increases efficiency and effectiveness of field crews. When your data is collected in the field, it is also connected in the field – providing seamless field-to-office connectivity. Field data syncs with the web portal in either online or offline mode.

Enable a More Efficient Field Crew

Data Consumption: The ON-PNT® dashboard provides high-level executive summary metrics, managed as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on defined goals, benchmarks and objectives that are tracked through the platform.

Dynamic GIS Mapping

The ON-PNT® GIS-mapping feature allows the user to easily visualize the condition of building system assets and analyze how repairs and maintenance have affected the bottom line.

Simplify Your Management Tools

Data Management: ON-PNT® serves as a robust project management tool with extensive document management and task management capabilities. It can be used as a data repository for all historical project close-out documents and records, including warranty management reminder tools.


Condition Assessment & Inventory

The inspection of existing building systems to develop an accurate condition assessment and inventory of multi-facility building systems. ON-PNT® uses 3 basic Facility Asset Management scientific metrics to create automated reports:

Condition Index (CI)

Each building system component is assessed to establish a current objective condition rating. This is calculated by the age of the system and the amount of defects assessed compared to the sections’ current replacement value.

Remaining Service Life (RSL)

Each building system component studied is assigned a remaining service life value based upon the sections objective CI rating.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Each building system component studied includes a total cost of ownership calculation. This is based on the annual cost of the system and the remaining service life cost, which is based on the asset’s total service life and remaining service life value.

Budget & Capital Planning

ON-PNT® includes a built-in business intelligence for capital and O&M budgeting and planning. The automated budget reports include scientific methodology for prioritizing capital replacements and repair projects. The ON-PNT® budget report and project analyzer tool is based upon the following objective scores:

Condition Index (CI)

Each building component section has an objective condition index percentage from 0.00% (failed) to 100% (excellent).

Mission Dependency Index (MDI)

Assigned to each building, an MDI of 100% represents the owner’s most critical building and 0.00 is for non-mission critical buildings.

Triage Score

A triage score is calculated based upon the building components CI and MDI, resulting in a score from 0-100. Each capital or repair project is assigned an actual ranking number.

System Criticality Index (SCI)

A system criticality index score is used on multi-system project rankings. The SCI is used along with the CI and MDI when ranking all building systems together.

Building Envelope Design & Bid Solutions

Design and bid solutions are developed for all buildings requiring repair, restoration and/or remediation. These solutions include:

  • Capital renewal and O&M repair program design
  • Creation of design plans, design review and construction documents
  • Bid form generation
  • Online live bidding
  • Bid analysis tools and bid results reporting
  • Real-time construction document and bid alerts

Construction Administration & Management

The management and administration of the construction process to ensure cost control, schedule management, energy savings, quality assurance requirements and compliance with construction documents during the cost-out process. Construction phase processes managed within ON-PNT® include:

  • Post bid contract issuance and management
  • Submittal management
  • Shop drawing management
  • Contractor scheduling and management
  • Pay request management
  • Change order management
  • Punch list and final inspection management
  • As-built and close out process management
  • Warranty management
  • Ongoing reporting and KPI monitoring of schedule and project costs

Life Cycle Management

Implement and monitor predictive and preventative maintenance program tools to ensure continuity and sustainability of the entire process. ON-PNT® forecasts where assets are within their life cycle and establishes programmatic processes to reduce the total cost of ownership. This section of the platform includes:

  • Field Data Management
  • Defect Repair Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Warranty Inspection Alerts & Management

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