University of Virginia

Roof Asset Management Program & Fall Protection Assessment

In April 2022 Technical Assurance was engaged by the University of Virginia to assess the existing conditions of roofs for 11 facilities totaling approximately 261,395 square feet of roof area.

The roof assessment data was collected and analyzed through Technical Assurance’s ON-PNT®  GIS database to establish condition indices, estimated useful life, with or without predictive maintenance work and total cost of ownership. The inventory and assessment examined the existing roof assets and fall hazards, established overall roof conditions, identified and recorded deficiencies, provided a complete investigation and discovery survey report that documented findings, and presented pertinent data and metrics for UVA’s future planning.

Roof Assessment

The overall goal of the UVA Roof Asset Management Program is to extend roof system life cycle and lower total cost of ownership. Several assets were assessed as gaining and comprised in condition, while other assets were found to be sustainable and able to provide more serviceable years with proper maintenance performed. The findings indicated that approximately a $500,000 to $1M  in savings could be had with implementation of a total repair and maintenance program.

Fall Protection Assessment

Additionally, a Rooftop Fall Protection Assessment was conducted including onsite review, review of building drawings to determine most effective fall protection layout and attachment methods, conceptual design drawings, review of rooftop access and OSHA compliance, a pictorial representation via a hazard analysis report, a proposal for turnkey implementation of a designated fall protection system and specifications and scope for work and installation.

Project Details

  • College Campus
  • 11 Facilities
  • 261,395 Square Feet of Roof Area

Services Provided

  • ON-PNT®  GIS Database
  • Inventory and Assess Roof Assets
  • Inventory and Assess Fall Hazards
  • Design Review

Project Focus

  • Roofing Condition and Asset Management
  • Fall Protection Layout & Fall Hazard Analysis

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