Trinity United Church of Christ

Forensic Leak Investigation

Trinity United Church of Christ is a multi-story structure located in Jasper, Indiana. The church has been a part of Jasper since 1898, and the present sanctuary was built in 1966.

Technical Assurance was engaged to perform a forensic leak investigation. The leakage was consistently reported to occur along the west elevation of the clerestory roof area below the stained-glass windows. On the initial surveys, water infiltration could be seen from the interior.

The sanctuary is comprised of two distinct roof areas that are separated by the building height: clerestory roof area and main roof area. The roof surfaces are multilinear and comprised of a low-slope EPDM roof covering, asphalt shingle roof covering and standing seam metal as finished roof surfaces. There was a minimal amount of rooftop penetrations in the areas examined directly adjacent to the clerestory roof.

During the  spray testing, examined conditions revealed installed sealant at the exterior of the clerestory window frames had failed. The original frame and glazing sealant was not removed prior to the application of new sealant. When remedial sealant was applied directly overtop, both sealants failed, resulting in leakage.

With the cause of the leaks determined, Technical Assurance advised that the existing sealant around the clerestory windows be scraped clean and removed. New, appropriate sealing should be applied to the windows once cleaned.

The owner was provided enough information to discuss pricing with local contractors.