Standard Building Redevelopment

Facade Restoration

Technical Assurance is currently working with the Weston Development Co. on the $60 million redevelopment and historical preservation of the Standard Building, located in Downtown Cleveland, OH. Our Team’s efforts are focused on the exterior facade restoration.

In 2015, Technical Assurance conducted a full evaluation of the exterior facade. The Standard Building is 21 stories and was built in 1924. It is comprised primarily of glazed architectural terracotta and brick masonry with some granite at the ground level. The building also includes a garden roof top elevation that includes terracotta and beige brick masonry. The evaluation and exploratory work was conducted from a swing stage scaffolding, the ground using a spotter’s scope and from other nearby rooftop elevations.

Facade Assessment

During the evaluation phase, our specific focus was to provide a facade survey, comprehensive surface and sub-surface survey and assist Weston Development in understanding the life cycle condition of the existing envelope. The investigation report included a quantified restoration, repair and maintenance program with phasing options. It was important that the recommended options did not take away from the intended aesthetics of the structure, and that the building remains structurally sound and continues to perform at a sustainable level for years to come.

Design and Construction Services

Following the facade analysis, Technical Assurance was engaged to provide design review, bid qualification, bid review, scope review, contract award assistance, project management, administration and full-time quality observation services. Having a comprehensive, specialized understanding of the building envelope, Technical Assurance was able to develop a realistic scope for contractor bids. We are currently in the construction phase of this project.

Facade Restoration Project Details

Project Specifics

  • 21-story high rise
  • 400,000 square feet
  • Downtown Cleveland, OH

Services Provided

  • Facade Evaluation
  • Historical Preservation
  • Cost Estimating
  • Restorative Design
  • Bid Qualification and Review
  • Full-time Quality Observation

Project Focus

  • Watertight Building Envelope
  • Building Envelope Performance
  • Extended Remaining Service Life
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

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