Duke Realty

Parking Garage Assessment

We were engaged by Duke Realty for parking consulting services for the assessment, inspection, testing, exploration, evaluation, planning, reporting and cost estimating on 2 parking garage structures. The boundary of the services include both sides of the decks, facades, beams, columns and other miscellaneous structures of the parking garages.

Technical Assurance provided recommended repairs and restorative actions of the façade to make certain that the repairs do not take away from the intended aesthetics of the structure, and to ensure that the garage remains structurally sound and continues to perform at a sustainable level for years to come. The recommended restorative repairs included a 5 year preventative maintenance plan for both structures. This allows Duke Realty to keep safe and operational garages by prioritizing necessary repairs and to budget accordingly.

Project Details:

Project Specifics:

  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 196,000 square feet

Services Provided:

  • Parking Garages
  • Facility Condition Inspection & Assessment
  • Project/Cost Estimating

Project Focus:

  • Establish and improve facility conditions
  • Extend useful service life
  • Improve safety and quality conditions
  • Improve portfolio value

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