Federal Client Roof Program

Roof Asset Management Program

In 2018, Technical Assurance was a part of the winning team for a federal Roof Asset Management Program.

The client owns over 8,000 facilities across the United States, totaling approximately 185 million square feet of roof assets. The purpose of the roof program was to maintain an inventory of the roofing infrastructure, to accurately and consistently assess its condition, and to develop and implement a long-term plan for maximizing its life expectancy and the associated costs for doing so.

The scope of the program included:

  • condition assessments
  • biannual preventative maintenance
  • repair and alterations
  • emergency leak response
  • roof design services
  • roof restoration projects
  • construction management
  • quality observation
  • building envelope systems (below-grade, exterior wall and fenestration systems)

In the first year of the program, Technical Assurance assessed 3,170 facilities, totaling approximately 69.4 million sf of roof assets. Additionally, the Technical Assurance team mobilized to 1,230 sites for preventative maintenance (PM) visits.

Following the assessments, our team provided design services for roof replacement projects, and performed construction administration and quality observation throughout construction.

Roof Program

Project Details


  • Roof Condition Assessments
  • Asset Inventory
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Roof Design
  • Construction Management
  • Quality Observation

TA Managed Assets

  • Assessed 3,170 facilities totaling ~69.4 million SF
  • Preventative Maintenance for 1,230 facilities

Program Focus

  • Understand roof portfolio condition
  • Long term capital and repair planning
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Extend remaining service life
  • Lower total cost of ownership

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