Juvenile Correctional Facility Roof Replacement

Technical Assurance was engaged by an industry partner to be the roofing consultant on the Indian River Juvenile Corrections Facility roof replacement project, which included a roof analysis, design and construction phase services.  replacement project.

In phase I, Technical Assurance’s roofing consultant performed a visual assessment on four (4) wing roof sections totaling 21,550 square feet, inclusive of the roof system, deck system, insulation, roof material condition, flashing systems and other roof systems. Additionally, core cutes were collected in order to confirm the makeup of the roof and to evaluate the current life cycle of the materials related to the study. It was discovered that the multiply built up roof systems was poor and at the end of their life cycle, with active leaks being reported.

Following the assessment, Technical Assurance provided expert design services to our partner during the design process, providing technical specification documents, building code standards and details for the construction documents, and we developed detailed drawings and plans.

Technical Assurance’s Registered Roof Observer provided onsite construction administration and quality observation during phase construction. This included attending project meetings, onsite QO during the course of construction to monitor the progress of the project, QO reports, reviewing construction procedures and providing project close-out assistance.