The Five Step to Sustainability Process

Technical Assurance’s unique Five Steps to Sustainability process ensures thorough, superior results throughout all stages of the assessment, design and management of Client projects and programs. Our process-driven approach allows our team to systematically lead the planning, design and implementation of building envelope projects – providing a framework for collaboration and creative solutions.


Step 1:

Perhaps the most critical step in the process, Discover includes the inspection, testing, exploration, excavation, evaluation and observation of existing building enclosures to develop an accurate condition assessment and inventory of multi-family building systems. This step frequently includes forensic investigation to determine the roof of facility problems.

  • Project Planning (including Planning Charrettes)
  • Exploratory Assessment & Inspection
  • Condition Evaluation
  • Performance Auditing & Testing
  • Infrared Moisture Scanning
  • Forensic Investigation



Step 2:

The Plan phase moves into the analysis of discovery data in order to determine the most effective path forward for a particular project or comprehensive program.

  • Reporting
  • Budget & Capital Planning


Step 3:

During the Solve phase, our team of professionals collaborate with the client to develop the best and most practical design solutions for the building’s repair, restoration and/or remediation. These solutions include capital renewal and O&M repair program design, creation of design plans and construction documents, bid for generation and bid management.

  • Design Solutions
  • Specification Writing
  • Cost Estimating
  • Vendor Sourcing
  • Bid Management


Step 4:

During the Manage stage of the process, our staff manages and administers the construction process to ensure cost control, schedule management, energy savings, quality assurance requirements and compliance with construction documents during the close-out process.

  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Management
  • On-Site Project Management
  • Quality Observation
  • Material Application Testing


Step 5:

The last stage of the 5 Step Process includes the implementation of a predictive and preventative maintenance program to ensure continuity and sustainability of the entire process. The goal is to extend the life cycle of building system assets, ultimately reducing the Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Building System Asset Database Management
  • Predictive & Preventative Maintenance Program Management
  • Deficiency Repair Management
  • Warranty Program Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Program Sustainability Measures & Management

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