Your Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) Checklist

Your Building Enclosure Commissioning (BECx) Checklist


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As the need for sustainable, energy efficient structures continue to increase so do the performance requirements for these buildings. Building Enclosure Commissioning, or BECx, is a data-driven, quality assurance process that helps building owners to meet or exceed these performance requirements. BECx consists of a systematic process that utilizes standardized methods for performance tests as set forth by ASTM International and the Fenestration and Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA; formerly AAMA). While BECx is often performed on new construction, retro-commissioning offers the opportunity to increase the energy efficiency in existing buildings.

It’s Best to Start Early

When considering the Owner Performance Requirements (OPR) for your new construction, it’s best to engage a qualified Building Enclosure Commissioning Process Provider (BECxP) as early in the process as possible, preferably in the Pre-Design Phase. This allows the consultant to be involved in the design process and maximize the cost benefits to reduce the total cost of ownership. Engaging in BECx early in the process can help to prevent critical, potentially costly, errors from occurring during the Construction Phase, and has been shown to have a significant reduction in first year call backs for corrective work post-occupancy.

Cost Savings in the Long Run

The BECxA (Building Enclosure Commissioning Agent) acts as a technical advisor, as well as owner’s representative and will review documents, drawings and specifications. The goal is to ensure the building envelope is a continuous barrier working as a cohesive unit to provide weathertightness to the structure. At this stage the building enclosure consultant can identify potential problems prior to the start of construction, allowing the team a chance to resolve these issues before time and money is wasted.

On the Same Page

As your project moves into Pre-Construction, BECx can provide checks and balances to ensure everyone involved in the Construction Phase meets the OPR. At this stage, mock-up testing is done to identify flaws in design, sequencing or materials. As the project moves into the Construction Phase, standardized tests can be performed for air infiltration, water penetration, thermal performance and structure durability. Performance testing of alternative materials can also be considered at this stage. Human error is a leading cause of building enclosure failures; therefore, the BECxA can provide quality observation and reporting during construction to ensure proper installation of products and materials.

Be Proactive

The final step in the BECx process occurs after construction ends during the Occupancy and Operations Phase of a building’s life cycle. This is an opportunity for the owner to take a proactive approach to ongoing performance optimization to lower the total cost of ownership. A post-occupancy BECx review and subsequent report can help you create a preventative maintenance plan to extend your building’s life cycle well into the future.

With 30 years of building envelope and structural engineering consultation experience, Technical Assurance offers you a comprehensive approach to preserving the life of your most expensive assets. Our commissioning and retro-commissioning services can help you identify problem areas and improve the overall efficiency of your building. We are proud to be your partner in quality assurance. Download our BECx checklist to get started.

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