Spring Roof Preventative Maintenance

Spring Roof Preventative Maintenance


Because it is over your head and out of sight, roof preventative maintenance (PM) can easily slip your mind. Unfortunately, if your roof suffered some damage over the winter months, spring showers could bring much more (and much worse) than May flowers. Unwanted roof vegetation, ponding, gaps around penetrations and loose flashing could lead to water infiltration resulting in leaks within your facilities that cause damage to your structure, inventory and operations.

Earlier this year, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) released a report on one of the country’s largest federal roof programs. In the report, it quotes an industry study that found that a proactive maintenance program can lower the average life cycle cost of a roof to $0.14 per square foot. A reactive maintenance program – where a contractor is called only after problems are discovered – can cost up to $0.25 per square foot. That is an $0.11/square foot difference of a proactive vs. reactive maintenance cost per year.

To break this down:

If you have a portfolio of 6 million square feet of roof assets, you could save $660,000 per year by incorporating proactive preventative maintenance (PM) into your roof program.

Pro vs. Reactive Roof Maintenance
Preventative (and predictive) maintenance is something that Technical Assurance believes in whole-heartedly. It is worth the upfront investment in order to extend the life cycle of your facilities and to lower your overall total cost of ownership.

Technical Assurance is not a roofing repair or replacement contractor, but we believe so strongly in the importance of preventative maintenance (PM) and our field staff is well qualified to provide these services while they’re already on the roof performing assessment or other consulting services. While the work is being completed, it is recorded within the GIS app – with both before and after photos – so that your KPI reports automatically reflect the life extension improvements and management is kept abreast of the life extension efforts being performed on their assets. And it should go without saying, but our technicians assure that the work completed is in compliance with the roofing manufacturers’ roof warranty PM and inspection requirements.

We follow the above sustainability checklist when providing PM services. If you have an attentive in-house maintenance staff that is capable of performing roof maintenance, they can also follow this same checklist to spot and alleviate simple problems to reduce the risk of damage to your facility from a harsh winter and heavy spring showers.

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