Commercial Roofing Site Manager / Roof Observer

Commercial Roofing Site Manager / Roof Observer


Aerial view of facilities portfolio roof management

Commercial Roofing Site Manager / Roof Observer- Technical Assurance Inc. is seeking qualified individuals to join our team. Technical Assurance manages building enclosure consulting and design for assignments of varied size, scope and geographical reach. As a multi-state professional firm, we have successfully delivered program solutions across all 50 states. Qualified candidates must possess knowledge of commercial roofing systems, client relation skills, basic computer skills and be willing to travel. Registered Roof Observer credential is preferred. Please send your resume to to apply.

Locations: Cleveland, Ohio and/or  Indianapolis, Indiana


  • Inspect roof assets with a focus on what is needed to preserve and extend roof life-cycle
  • Assess roof condition including active leak issues, overall condition and deterioration
  • Make specific recommendations based on roof inspection/assessment
  • Ensure that assessment reports, proposals, inspection reports and information required to serve the client are properly prepared and reported in accordance with company administrative policies
  • Respond to all technical and guarantee questions accurately and in a timely fashion
  • Perform other duties as assigned


  • 5+ years functional experience in commercial roofing, including inspections
  • Registered Roof Observer (RRO) is strongly preferred
  • Knowledge of all common commercial roofing systems (low slope and steep slope)
  • Ability to estimate roof age and remaining service life of all common commercial roofing systems
  • Technically competent with field data collection tools
  • Basic computer skills
  • Willingness to travel
  • Team player with good communication skills