Commercial Roof Asset Life Cycle Management

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An Overview Of Life Cycle Management: A Program for Extending the Life of Your Roof Assets and Optimizing Your Investments

At Technical Assurance, we’re strong proponents of investing versus spending when it comes to building asset management. Your budget is money that should be invested in well-managed assets rather than just spent without any strategic thought or planning in regard to what it can do for you in the future. Although you’re having to think short term, why not incorporate a long-term strategy that can pay large dividends if you invest it wisely.

In this white paper, we’ll be discussing commercial roof life cycle management and how you can properly manage your roof assets with the help of Technical Assurance. We’ll cover the following:

  • What is Life Cycle Management?
  • Investing in Buildings vs. Spending on Buildings
  • The Solution: A Sustainable Life Cycle Management Program
  • The Importance of Regular Assessments and Ongoing Repairs
  • Triaging Repair and Replacement Projects
  • Proactive Assessments and Maintenance