Building Envelope Forensics White Paper

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The integrity of a building’s envelope is critical to its overall condition and performance. If the building envelope is compromised, problems are sure to follow. The most common (and obvious) issues are leaks, but it’s not always apparent that water has penetrated the building envelope. Less noticeable signs may point to envelope failure, such as the presence of mold or stains on ceiling tiles or walls.

While some building envelope issues can be identified and addressed by an on-site repair or maintenance team/program, other more complicated and prolonged problems will require more advanced expertise and professional building forensic services. This is when the Technical Assurance team should be called on to investigate the issue.

As a nationally-recognized building enclosure consulting and engineering firm, our team of expert consultants, architects, engineers, field technicians, project managers and office staff work together to:

  • Figure out how problems arose
  • Look for the two most common threats to structural integrity
  • Look out for other signs of general workmanship issues
  • Figure out how to resolve the issue
  • Implement proven testing methods
  • Prepare a detailed report to determine next steps and to be used in litigation if necessary

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