Design-Build Method: Benefits of Single-Source Contracting for Capital Building Projects

Design-Build Method: Benefits of Single-Source Contracting for Capital Building Projects


Design-build project management with designer and engineer

What was once thought of as an alternative or radical way to manage capital projects is now becoming the norm. According to the Design-Build Institute of America, nearly half of all the nation’s projects are delivered using the design-build approach.

Find out why you should choose the design-build method for your next building envelope project—and why Technical Assurance is the best partner for you.

1. Only One Contract for the Owner to Manage

A Design-Build approach to capital projects includes the management of contracts with trade contractors, equipment and material providers. In our case, Technical Assurance serves as your (the building owner’s) independent representative, working in a purposeful collaboration on building envelope and exterior asset projects (roofing, façade, paving, parking, etc.). Our team becomes the single source of responsibility for all phases of a project.

All services are performed under an umbrella of full transparency where all costs are communicated between Technical Assurance and the client, including costs of labor, material, bids, etc.

2. Increased Collaboration and Innovation

An independent representative like Technical Assurance can work with you in a more purposeful and collaborative way, and provide full transparency throughout your project. In terms of our design-build service, we become the single source of responsibility for all phases of a building envelope project, including the initial assessment and estimation, design and engineering, and all the way through to post-construction.

Because we are sharing responsibility across all project phases, we are able to offer more collaborative problem solving and innovation from our team. The designer and contractor work together to provide unified project recommendations, rather than disputing, providing unrealistic or misaligned recommendations, or even blame shifting that could lead to litigation. Our entire team is aligned to your project’s success.

The Design-Build Institute of America puts it best, “Design-build is intended to be a highly collaborative, fully integrated process that is built on trust, mutual respect, teamwork, innovation and creative problem solving.”

3. Timeline Adherence and Efficiencies

As is true with nearly any turnkey solution, the design-build method allows for streamlined project management and operational efficiencies that save time and help keep your project on track. This method also allows for certain aspects of the project to be expedited when possible, such as material ordering.

Considering current supply chain challenges, our streamlined approach at Technical Assurance allows us to expedite the material ordering process in order to secure material before the bid phase is complete.

4. Budget Adherence and Money Savings

Single responsibility for your project means full collaboration in the estimating phase to develop more accurate estimates. The roles of designer and constructor are integrated, which reduces discrepancies and holds each more accountable to the budget put in place. In contrast, it’s easy to place blame on one another for cost overruns when there are two separate contracts.

The design-build approach allows projects to be completed faster and for optimum cost. The goal of our service is to provide you with the best value for your money.

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