Building Envelope Asset Management for the Utilities Industry

Quality Facility Management Keeps Your Business Running

Utility plants are large, resource-intensive facilities responsible for producing and distributing valuable resources. In order to keep your facilities running smoothly and efficiently at all times, you need a partner who understands the regulatory, sustainability and safety requirements of power and utility plants.

At Technical Assurance, we work with utility clients to proactively manage the life cycle of their building envelope assets. If these assets fail, the results of water intrusion or inadequate air, weather and thermal barriers will inevitably increase your ongoing costs for managing the plant.

By investing in annual repairs and preventative maintenance, our approach will allow you to extend time between capital renewals and drive actual cost savings to your facility spend plans. Our ultimate goal in any partnership is to reduce total cost of ownership.

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Minimize Deferred Backlog

Extend the Life of your Building Assets

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Our Five Steps to Sustainability Process

This process-driven approach allows our team to systematically lead the planning, design and implementation of building envelope projects, providing a framework for collaboration and creative solutions.


Step 1:

Discover: Condition Assessment & Inventory


Step 2:

Plan: Reporting, Budgeting and Capital Planning


Step 3:

Solve: Design Solutions


Step 4:

Manage: Construction Services


Step 5:

Sustain: Life Extension Measures

Streamlined Building System Management Technology

ON-PNT® Enterprise Building System Management

Manage building system inventory, condition assessments and ongoing system data within one central location—the ON-PNT® Enterprise Building System Management solution. When your facility portfolio spans several cities or states, it’s invaluable to have all facility data collected in one central location and available with the touch of your fingertip or the click of your mouse.

  • We start each partnership with a condition assessment to establish a baseline.
  • The collected data is then put into ON-PNT® along with historical system data, deficiencies, leaks, as-built information and other relevant system data.
  • The goal of the assessment is to establish a condition index baseline of exterior building systems in order to understand how to prioritize repair and replacement projects over the next one, three, five and 10 years.
  • This understanding allows us to craft a life cycle management program that includes financial planning and goals, repair and capital projects, preventative maintenance and warranty management.

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As building enclosure consultants, we’re passionate about helping building owners and facility managers solve critical problems within their facilities. Documenting the issues you are experiencing is the best first step ahead of evaluating and testing existing building enclosures to get to the root cause. This online assessment will help us better understand your concerns and provide the necessary context for a free consultation.

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Client Spotlight: FirstEnergy Corp.

FE Ramp Program Regional Map

Technical Assurance was engaged by FirstEnergy to develop a long-term Roof Asset Management Program throughout a five-state regional area. FirstEnergy was concerned with their aging building envelope conditions and how those conditions could potentially impact their electrical generation and transmission operations.

Our team manages 12 million square feet of roofs within the diverse portfolio, including Fossil Power Plants, Nuclear Plants, Hydro Plants, Service Centers, Operation Centers, Administrative Buildings and Sub Stations.

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Take a Design-Build Approach to Building Enclosure Projects

Our Design-Build approach to building envelope and exterior asset projects (roofing, façade, paving, parking, etc.) is a blend of strategy, problem solving and shared vision in order to meet your objectives and deliver results on capital projects. We can serve as a building owner’s independent representative, working in a purposeful collaboration and providing full transparency throughout a project.

What design-build includes:

  • Inventory & Assessment
  • Capital Project Planning
  • Opinion of Probable Construction Cost
  • Design & Engineering Services
  • Trade Contractor Management
  • Material Management
  • Construction Management & Administration
  • Project Management
  • Quality Observation
  • Close Out Process