Higher Education Building Envelope Asset Management

Maintaining a fully operational and efficient campus is integral to offering a productive environment for learning. From dormitories and dining halls to labs and classrooms, you need a partner to help manage and protect your investment.

Technical Assurance is your partner in total building envelope asset management to help keep your facilities performing like they should, with the ultimate goal of reducing your total cost of ownership.

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Minimize Deferred Backlog

Extend the Life of your Building Assets

Reduce Owner's Total Cost Ownership

When Poor Facility Management is Catastrophic to Your University

As college campuses across the nation age, the need for proactive and long term management is higher than ever. While you may have the impetus to build new, we can offer a sustainable approach to managing your university’s portfolio.

Failing roof systems, crumbling exteriors, leaks, air quality issues… Don’t let mismanaged or neglected building assets be your downfall! At Technical Assurance, we partner with our higher education clients to proactively manage the life cycle of their building envelope assets. By investing in annual repairs and preventative maintenance, our approach will allow you to extend time between capital renewals and drive actual cost savings to your facility spend plans.

Pivot Your Focus to Reduce Your Spend

We work with clients to help them view their buildings as a business investment. When our higher education client first came to us, their run-to-failure model of managing their portfolio was going to cost them nearly $30 million over the next 10 years. After working with them to financially analyze their building assets, we developed a management program that will save them over $2.7 million over the next 10 years.
  • 17% in Capital Spend Reduction
  • 41% in Backlog Reduction
  • 9.25% Overall Spend Reduction
To see the financial breakdown of how our Sustainable Life Cycle Management Program added tangible savings to their bottom line, download a copy of our Budget Solution.
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Our Five Steps to Sustainability Process


Step 1:

Discover: Condition Assessment & Inventory


Step 2:

Plan: Reporting, Budgeting and Capital Planning


Step 3:

Solve: Design Solutions


Step 4:

Manage: Construction Services


Step 5:

Sustain: Life Extension Measures

Streamlined Building System Management Technology

ON-PNT® Enterprise Building System Management

The ON-PNT® Enterprise Building System Management solution allows you to easily manage building system inventory, condition assessments and ongoing system data within one central location. When your facility portfolio spans an entire campus and potentially other satellite locations, it’s invaluable to have all facility data collected in one central location and available with the touch of your fingertip or the click of your mouse.

  • We start each partnership with a condition assessment to establish a baseline.
  • The collected data is then put into ON-PNT® along with historical system data, deficiencies, leaks, as-built information and other relevant system data.
  • The goal of the assessment is to establish a condition index baseline of exterior building systems in order to understand how to prioritize repair and replacement projects over the next one, three, five and 10 years.
  • This understanding allows us to craft a life cycle management program that includes financial planning and goals, repair and capital projects, preventative maintenance and warranty management.

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Client Spotlight: Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University

The University had been experiencing some premature roof failures and needed to gain control of their expansive facility systems that require many capital renewals over the life of the buildings. In order to minimize future “surprises,” the University engaged Technical Assurance to conduct a thorough conditions assessment on the roofs of all academic and residential housing buildings.

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