Take a Programmatic Approach to Healthcare Building Envelope Asset Management

In a setting focused on health and healing, there’s no room for error when it comes to keeping your facilities maintained and high performing. Technical Assurance is your partner in total building envelope asset management, which means we’re not just managing your facility assets, we work alongside you as your organizer and advocate to do what’s best.

Healthcare building

You can have peace of mind knowing you’re working with a partner that has strong goals in mind for you:

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Minimize Deferred Backlog

Extend the Life of your Building Assets

Reduce Owner's Total Cost Ownership

When Poor Facility Management is Catastrophic to Your Patients and Providers

The Joint Commission’s focus starting in 2021 is to “continue on the journey to better patient care with zero harm,” and the Technical Assurance team fully adopts that mindset when working in a healthcare setting. We have extensive experience partnering with hospitals, providing our teams with first-hand knowledge of the unique challenges that critical facilities face and how to best identify and solve issues.

Not only do we help solve immediate problems as they arise, but we also work with hospitals to proactively manage the life cycle of their building envelope assets. By investing in annual repairs and preventative maintenance, our approach will allow you to extend time between capital renewals and drive actual cost savings to your facility spend plans.

Let Your Budget Plan Tell a Story

For facility managers, it can sometimes feel like you’re not on the same page as the administrative/financial leaders within your organization. We help bridge the divide between facility managers and financial leaders through the creation of a comprehensive facility asset management plan that uses the language of Strategic Stewardship. This synergistic language is based on engineered, scientific and financial metrics combined with business goals, objectives and core values that connect the strategic facility plan, facility master plan and tactical plans.

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Pivot Your Focus to Reduce Your Spend

We work with clients to help them view their buildings as a business investment. When our multi-state healthcare client first came to us, their run-to-failure model of managing their portfolio was going to cost them nearly $40 million over the next 10 years. After working with them to financially analyze their building assets, we developed a management program that will save them over $4 million over the next 10 years.
  • 19% in Capital Spend Reduction
  • 41% in Backlog Reduction
  • 10% Overall Spend Reduction
To see the financial breakdown of how our Sustainable Life Cycle Management Program added tangible savings to their bottom line, download a copy of our Budget Solution.
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Streamlined Building System Management Technology

Manage building system inventory, condition assessments and ongoing system data within one central location—the ON-PNT® Enterprise Building System Management solution. When dealing with multiple hospital campuses spanning a large geographic area, having all facility data collected in one central location at the touch of a finger or click of your mouse is invaluable.

  • We start each partnership with a condition assessment to establish a baseline.
  • The collected data is put into ON-PNT® along with historical system data, deficiencies, leaks, as-built information and other relevant system data.
  • The goal of the assessment is to establish a condition index baseline of exterior building systems in order to understand how to prioritize repair and replacement projects over the next one, three, five and 10 years.
  • This understanding allows us to craft a life cycle management program that includes financial planning and goals, repair and capital projects, preventative maintenance and warranty management.

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Take the Online Facilities Self-Assessment

As building enclosure consultants, we’re passionate about helping building owners and facility managers solve critical problems within their facilities. Documenting the issues you are experiencing is the best first step ahead of evaluating and testing existing building enclosures to get to the root cause. This online assessment will help us better understand your concerns and provide the necessary context for a free consultation.

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Client Success Stories

Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Institute

Our team was engaged by the Cleveland Clinic to provide waterproofing design consultation and quality observation during the construction of the new 350,000 square foot facility.

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Cleveland Clinic & CWRU Health Education Campus

Our team was engaged by Cleveland Clinic, in partnership with Case Western Reserve University, to provide part-time waterproofing consulting, testing services and building enclosure commissioning (BECx) on the new Health Education Campus buildings.

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Novant Health

Our team was engaged by Novant Health to assess the roofs, exterior façade and select parking garages on 13 medical and hospital centers across North Carolina and Virginia.

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