Pavement Field Technician – Inspector

Pavement Field Technician – Inspector


Pavement Consultant Career Opportunity


Pavement Field Technicians, also known as Pavement Field Inspectors or Assessors, draw upon knowledge of asphalt and concrete pavement construction, maintenance and/or rehabilitation for uses in commercial parking lots, access roads, loading docks, paver plaza decks, and other commercial and institutional pavement systems and structures. Qualified candidates must possess this knowledge, client relation skills, computer skills and be willing to travel. Please send your resume to to apply.

Location: Location requirements may be flexible for qualified candidates

Pavement Field Technician Responsibilities:

  • Conduct condition assessment investigations and inventory of existing pavements to determine the condition and life cycle of the pavement sections, and provide recommendations on the maintenance, repair, remediation and full rehabilitation of pavement systems.
  • Providing pre-design assistance and field data collection for the repair and remediation of pavement systems.
  • Provide field quality observation and reporting services during pavement remediation construction projects.
  • Liaising with clients throughout the project and updating them on progress.
  • Working within an interdisciplinary team to provide pavement expertise and assist in writing reports.
  • Working directly with the Pavement Consultant and Engineers to support their roles.

Pavement Field Technician Skills & Abilities:

In addition to technical skills, Pavement Field Technicians must be able to work independently, collaborate and communicate effectively to deal with clients and project workers. Furthermore, they must be able to anticipate and/or recognize problems and take appropriate action to allow the project to meet quality, time and budget requirements.

Required Experience:

Pavement Field Technicians must have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the pavement trades, construction or consulting/engineering environment. Additional experience in the pavement field or relevant qualifications can be highly advantageous.