Pavement Consultant

Pavement Consultant


Pavement Consultant Career Opportunity


Pavement Consultants draw upon extensive knowledge of soils, rock mechanics and material properties in the design, construction, maintenance and/or rehabilitation of pavements. They deal with flexible (asphalt) and rigid (concrete) pavements for use in parking lots, roads, highways, airports, footpaths, streets and other structures requiring the delivery of goods and services to markets and consumers. Qualified candidates must possess this knowledge, client relation skills, computer skills and be willing to travel. Please send your resume to to apply.

Location: Cleveland, OH (HQ office location preferred; however, location requirements may be flexible for qualified candidates)

Pavement Consultant Responsibilities:

  • Planning pavement locations; designing pavements; and selecting appropriate materials for pavement construction by testing for things like bearing capacity, flexibility, density and ground (soil/rock) conditions
  • Managing projects to ensure they are delivered to specifications on time and within budget parameters
  • Liaising with clients throughout the project and updating them on progress
  • Conduct condition assessment investigations of existing pavements to determine where maintenance is required, and guide the performance of repairs on deteriorated pavements to prevent risks to vehicles and pedestrians
  • Working within an interdisciplinary team to provide expertise on designing and writing complex reports
  • Providing pavement remediation and rehabilitation reports, plans and budgets
  • Assisting managers to formulate and implement business development strategies

Pavement Consultant Skills & Abilities:

In addition to technical skills, Pavement Consultants require highly developed managerial, organizational, financial management and analytical skills. They must be able to work independently, collaborate and communicate effectively to deal with clients and project workers, and contribute to the training and motivation of other team members. Furthermore, they must be able to anticipate and/or recognize problems and take remedial action to allow the project to meet quality, time and budget requirements.

Required Experience:

A Pavement Consultant may require an undergraduate degree in civil (structural, transportation) engineering. Additional experience in the field or relevant postgraduate qualifications can be highly advantageous, particularly this seeking senior-level positions.

Licensure Optional:

Professional Engineer License considered a plus.

Sectors and Industries:

A qualified Pavement Consultant could be employed in the public sector by local and state government authorities, private infrastructure organizations, and medium to large consulting firms or as private consultants.