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Roof Asset Management Program

Facility Managers know it all too well – diminishing O&M budgets and increasing responsibilities. These two factors contribute to ongoing deferred maintenance backlogs, which leads to a long list of other undesirable situations. Addressing deferred maintenance is a fundamental responsibility of facility management in order to avoid premature failures, reduce emergency spending and unplanned capital spend, and minimize disruptions to tenants and other planned projects. They know that ignoring building maintenance does not save money – it costs the building owner even more money.


Extend Roof Life Cycle

A poorly maintained roof only lasts about half of its service life, costing hundreds of thousands of dollar to prematurely replace. Technical Assurance’s Roof Asset Management Programs helps Facility Managers systematically manage their roof portfolio in order to eliminate one renewal over the life of the facility. Our comprehensive programs incorporate a thorough understanding of the roof’s condition, GIS mapping, predictive and preventative maintenance plans, budget forecasting and real-time reporting that drive strategic multi-year capital plans. Our Roof Asset Management Programs deliver a 15-30% total cost of ownership savings back to the building owner and allow for actual dollars to be reallocated into facility management’s O&M budgets.

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Complex Building Enclosure Asset Management Made Simple

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